Gothenburg #greenUps (short for: Greentech Startups) turn green innovations into great sustainable and commercial solutions while building successful companies that leaves a positive footprint.

There is no single silver bullet for a sustainable future but green innovation is a crucial part of the solution. Based on a long-term and fruitful collaboration between academia and the business community, Gothenburg is a frontrunner in the area of creating new green business ventures or #greenUps.

The Gothenburg region has many exciting startup companies with innovative solutions. Learn more about them below.

World-leading incubators in the Gothenburg region

Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers Ventures has several options depending on which part you wish to play. If you have a team and an idea, you can apply for Startup Camp. If you have an idea but don’t want to run the business yourself, present it to Encubator. Or if you are a researcher, they can help you with holding patents.

GU Ventures

Do you have an innovative idea? Or do you want to contribute by developing, coaching or investing in an innovative idea?
GU Ventures actively support their companies through a well established incubation process which offers support for business development, market research, technological development and intellectual property strategy development as well as strategic, managerial, administrative and organizational support.