Our Story


With roots stretching back to the days of heavy industry, our region has made the successful transition from a polluted industrial heartland to a greener, cleaner waterfront metropolis. This journey has resulted in a world-leading greentech cluster and a living example of sustainable urban development.

Gothenburg and the surrounding region are undergoing an environmental journey, reducing the environmental impact of traffic, waste and energy consumption. New, ambitious climate and environmental programs are in progress.

The poor air quality of the 1970’s is today but a memory in the city. Thanks to investments in district heating, based not on fossil fuels but renewable energy sources and waste heat, Göteborg Energi has significantly reduced emissions. 

Companies and municipal players in the area innovate to lead the development of sustainable energy. For example, Volvo Trucks aim to become the world’s first carbon dioxide-free vehicle factory, Wallenstam is the first housing company to supply itself with renewable electricity and Älvstranden Utveckling has built Sweden’s largest and most advanced passive house.

Green Gothenburg aims to share this environmental know-how. We help foreign representatives initiate contact with greentech companies in the Gothenburg region. We welcome visitors with an interest in environmental and climate solutions, offering high-quality study tours tailored to specific visitor needs.