Green Gothenburg is owned by the City of Gothenburg, with operations managed by the municipal company Business Region Gothenburg.

Green Gothenburg is owned by the City of Gothenburg, with operations managed by the municipal company Business Region Göteborg. Green Gothenburg is supported by the City of Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland together with four municipal companies: Göteborg Energi, Förvaltnings AB Framtiden, Älvstranden Utveckling and Renova.

The aims of Green Gothenburg

Green Gothenburg works to increase national and international recognition of the Gothenburg region as a leader in environmental and sustainable development. We strengthen international business for local companies and attract investments and enterprises to the Gothenburg region.

For visitors, we provide high-quality study tours, expertise, inspiration and useful business contacts. We offer our services to decision-makers in the public and private sectors who are facing environment-related challenges in a global market, and to regional companies seeking international business partners.

Our study tours showcase green forerunners in the Gothenburg region. We set up unique visit programs in the fields of construction, urban planning and development, transport, waste management and energy.

We also connect international stakeholders with environmental technology providers and companies in Western Sweden that contribute to green systems solutions.

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Business Region Göteborg


Business Region Göteborg works toward sustainable development in the Gothenburg region. BRG is in charge of operations at Green Gothenburg.

Go to: www.businessregion.se


Förvaltnings AB Framtiden


Förvaltnings AB Framtiden is wholly owned by Gothenburg City. The Group comprises eleven subsidiaries.

Go to: www.framtiden.se


Älvstranden Utveckling AB


Älvstranden Utveckling AB is a wholly owned municipal company with a passion for urban development. We want in collaboration with others ensure that Gothenburg is further developed - on both sides of the river.

Go to: www.alvstranden.com




Renova is West Sweden's leading eco-company in the field of waste and recycling.

Go to: www.renova.se


Göteborg Energi


Göteborg Energi endeavours to create long-term sustainable energy solutions.

Go to: www.goteborgenergi.se


Region Västra Götaland


The regional authority Västra Götaland is responsible for healthcare, regional growth and development and public transportation.

Go to: www.vgregion.se


Göteborg & co


The Trade & Industry group within Göteborg & Co works for the long-term growth of the Gothenburg Region.

Go to: www.goteborg.com


Svenska Mässan


The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, with one of Scandinavia's largest hotels, is one the most effective meeting points in Scandinavia.

Go to: www.svenskamassan.se

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GR is an umbrella organization for 13 municipalities in the west of Sweden.

Go to: www.goteborgsregionen.se