Metry AB

Metry AB offers a cloud-based data infrastructure where Energy Users, Energy Suppliers and Applications & Service providers can upload, connect, share and access energy data.

Metry doesn’t require hardware, reduces data collection administration, offers Big Data capabilities and makes energy-data-integration with popular Applications & services extremely simple.

Metry AB independently collects electricity, heat, cooling, gas and water data from 100+ utilities and other energy data sources all over Sweden and provides the data to large corporations and energy users including ICA, Axfood, and Schneider electric.

The platform also distributes hourly values from 150 000+ meters on behalf of utilities like Öresundskraft and Borås elnät.

The data can then be accessed through a web based API allowing plug & play integration with all leading BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) and other third party energy service applications and providers. The data quality and access rights are easily and securely monitored and managed through the web-based data dashboard.
For energy users, Metry AB's webservice means simple data collection, less administration and better use of the energy data that is collected. This leads to reduced energy consumption, costs and easy energy reporting.
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