SeaTwirl AB

SeaTwirl is a floating wind turbine built for the ocean. These wind turbines are easier to build, install and will require less maintenance than the traditional offshore wind turbines. We have the ambition to provide the most cost effective product for the production of renewable energy.

SeaTwirl has a simple robust design, few moving parts and can be placed at deeper waters with good wind conditions.

Why SeaTwirl?

A vertical wind turbine can absorb wind energy independent on wind direction. There is no need for any yaw or pitch mechanism to face the blades to or from the wind. Fewer moving parts imply relative low maintenance costs and less downtime.

Offshore the wind is stronger and not as turbulent as onshore. A floating wind turbine can be placed in new areas in the world with deep waters that previous wind power have been limited from.

Scientific reports show that vertical axis wind turbines have a high structural limit and can be built larger than horizontal axis wind turbines. Reaching a new limit off cost effectiveness.

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