Norconsult AB

Norconsult is one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our services are geared towards community planning and design. We are engaged in all aspects of development, from initial concepts to master plans, engineering and operational support.

Norconsult has focus on the following services internationally:

Norconsult has experience in environmental projects for both private and public sector clients.

Our staff has extensive knowledge about management and the applicable rules, standards and government guidelines. Through our own program of research and development we find and establish new methods for future solutions.

Through our commitment and broad expertise, we have long been involved in influencing the development of society, both nationally and internationally. Our planners have deep insights and broad understanding of the structural changes and local aspects of society. We will help to create high-quality places and provide vibrant, viable and human oriented solutions.

Norconsult has participated in nearly 80 percent of the Norwegian hydropower development. Through all these years we developed our special services for the benefit of our customers and can now offer all services in the relevant subjects. Our staff assists customers and partners with assessments, planning and calculations.

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