Processkontroll GT

Processkontroll GT’s fueling stations with well-developed technology, providing reliable systems with low operating and maintenance costs.

Processkontroll has made gas installations and service in the petrochemical industry for almost 40 years. The company is trained and active within the Swedish process industry, nuclear as well as petrochemicals, where availability and reliability are first.

With quality and safety
Since 1998 Processkontroll GT AB has designed, built, delivered and commissioned refueling stations for natural gas and biogas in various designs. Depending on if there is a gas line or not, the filling stations are built in different ways, but always with the same quality and safety.

Standard solutions that can easily be adapted
Processkontroll projects, installs and builds turnkey plants including earthworks. The company's standard solutions can easily be customized for your specific circumstances and if you want they can handle all the contacts with the concerned authorities for permits, building permits and more.
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