Paroc Group is a leader in energy efficient insulation products and solutions. Our expertise in energy efficiency, supported by efficient process utilization, is the foundation of our business.

Paroc Group is owned by a number of institutional investors with Paroc employees as minority shareholders. The turnover in 2011 was 405 million euro and the company has 1991 employees.

PAROC ® products include building insulation, technical insulation, marine insulation, insulation for sandwichselements and acoustics products. We have operations in 13 European countries and production plants in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland. The headquarter is in Helsinki, Finland.

The raw material of Paroc ® products is stone, which are sorted and melted down. The melted product is then converted into stone wool - a superior material when it comes to providing good insulation, durability and maximum fire protection. There are strict requirements for custom-designed and easily installed products. Paroc are constantly developing new products that meet customers' current needs.
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