Epishine AB

Epishine is a company with a big dream—to change the way the world uses energy so we can better protect our planet from our dependency on fossil fuels.

Epishine, founded in 2016, will do this by harvesting energy from the ambient light that always surrounds us. Already, they are able to capture small amounts of light, enough to remove the need for cables and batteries in a lot of devices.

The coming products can be easily integrated into building materials and into other areas where ambient light energy is available. Once these cells reach the market’s best price per kWh, Epishine aim to build printing machines the size of newspaper presses to manufacture roll-to-roll light cells. One of these machines will print light cells capable of generating the same amount of power as a nuclear reactor every single month.

At this point, Epishine will be able to produce a range of light energy harvesting materials optimized for different lighting conditions and applications.
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