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Unipower offers world-class solutions to tackle poor Power Quality management around the world.

The more megacities pop up in the world, the greater importance a reliable power grit has in the urban development. Originating from Sweden, Unipower offers products and Smart Grid information systems for Power Quality assessment, reducing unnecessary energy losses and network disturbances. These solutions help cities to cope with the rising demand of electricity as more and more services become automatized and electrified.

Unipower’s product line reach from traditional portable PQ analyzers to fully integrated and automated Power Quality Management systems for continuous supervision of the energy supply according to national and international norms. The core business is built around a sophisticated software with corresponding measure units/analyzers that can be either permanent mount or portable.

The software - PQ Secure Power Quality Management System - provides the ultimate norm-compliant (IEC 61000-4-30 Class A) solution for comprehensive and user-friendly continuous remote access to all power quality parameters.

PQ Secure is the key tool used by utilities in many countries for the management of Power Quality in their networks. Moreover, in addition to norm-compliant monitoring of the quality of the power supplied to the customers, PQ Secure can also diagnose potential problems within an end user’s own installation and be a major contributor to energy saving programs.

Today, Unipower is active in over 50 different markets as the products have been adapted to different regulations and norms depending on the market.
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