Utilifeed provides web-based services for district heating utility providers and customers. Our solutions combine industrial expertise with modern IT-infrastructure and data analysis, creating user-friendly but powerful tools which enable increased resource utilisation, improved customer relations and reduced environmental footprint.

For Utility Providers
Through our extensive experience with district heating we have found that a number of processes and activities could be made more efficient by applying modern IT-technology. Most of our applications are built on a thorough analysis and processing of measurement data, from which new insights and bases for business decisions can be drawn. Our services are available as web applications, and in some cases APIs, allowing for integration with existing systems.

For Building Owners
Our web services give residential building owners simple access to energy usage analysis tools. We provide degree-day data via web interface or API for quick and simple evaluations. For managers interested in a more detailed view of how energy usage develops on a per-building level, we have developed EnergyPredict, a powerful tool capable of notifying users of changes in building energy usage patterns.
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