Nilsson Energy

Customers desiring off-grid renewable energy solutions may not always be as passionate about technology needed to create system solution. There is a shortage of system integrators. Nilsson Energy fills the gap.

Nilsson Energy AB (Ltd.) is a fast-growing, game changing system integrator of complete on-site, off-grid, emission free renewable energy systems, including large scale storage of energy in hydrogen. A potent alternative e.g. for using large scale battery solutions for energy storage. All diesel (fossil based) solutions e.g. for back-up power can be abolished. Fossil fuel independence is guaranteed.

The customers are likely to be situated in areas where availability and reliability of locally produced renewable energy is highly sought after for all the 8760 hours that make out a year. Nilsson Energy´s product range is branded RE8760 and will always be customized to suit the individual customer energy profile and prerequisites.

A Nilsson Energy system produces top quality hydrogen and oxygen. Both valuable assets. Oxygen produced locally by renewable energy can be used by hospitals, the medical industry and other process industries.

A Nilsson Energy RE8760 system solution consists of well proven and commercialized technology and can be remotely monitored. The system can be packaged in containers and is modular and scalable for the situation where gradual upscaling is of interest.
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