Mycorena AB

Through extensive research and development, we create sustainable and efficient bio-based fungal process for handing large- and small- scale industrial waste. We strive to create wealth from waste, by generating value added products from the industrial waste streams.

Collaborating with research institutes, universities and industries around the globe, we help to move innovative waste management and clean technology processes from the research labs to industries. Creating the most productive research to business (R-to-B) model in Europe and the rest of the world is what we envision.

Mycorena is the one of the first few technology companies in the world to use Filamentous fungi especially the edible forms for industrial waste management solutions. Filamentous fungi can grow on a wide variety of substrates irrespective of the origin of the material, resulting in a great deal of valuable industrial products. These fungal properties are central to our focus, which is to generate high value added products from large- and small scale industrial waste materials.
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