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Waves4Power creates a better future through green energy solutions. Living on this planet and being part of human society comes with responsibilities. Waves4Power improves lives and betters the environment by developing and selling innovative renewable ocean energy systems.

Waves4Power is a renewable energy solutions provider. The heart of the system is the WaveEL 3.0 buoy – a point absorber – where the energy of the waves is converted into electric power. A wave power park consists of a large number of buoys linked together in an optimized power generation pattern.

Waves4Power has secured cooperation with strategic partners covering all important present and future development areas. The Runde site in Norway is a proof of concept for the Waves4Power system. One week after launching, we experienced waves with a height of 14 m at the site and the system performed excellently.

After the festive opening of the Runde site on September 21, 2017, Waves4Power is now entering its next stage. The development of the W4P WaveEL 4.0 (the next generation) started in Spring 2017. Production facilities for serial production of wave power systems have been secured in Norway. The Waves4Power Green Power Ecosystem was launched at the Aqua Nor trade fair in Trondheim in August 2017. The WaveEL 4.0 buoy and the Green Power Ecosystem are important power solutions in Waves4Power’s aim to become a complete renewable energy solutions provider for conscious power users around the world.
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