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Insplorion’s Nano sensors revolutionize battery control and air quality measurements, and opens new fields of research with instruments within catalysis, material- and life science through the platform NanoPlasmonic sensing (NPS)

Insplorion AB, with its disruptive sensor platform NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), operates within three fields. Battery sensors, air quality sensors and research instruments.

As the green energy conversion accelerates, the interest from the industry increases and Insplorion’s potential to disrupt the market for lithium-ion batteries evolves, the company’s battery sensor operation grows in importance. With increased energy output, increased charge rate and significantly reduced costs, Insplorion’s technology will have a decisive impact on fields of use for batteries. Increased range for electric vehicles, reduced costs for battery storage and increased safety are three important benefits. Insplorion’s sensors are small, durable, reliable and cost effective at volume production. Through monitoring charge rate and the chemistry within the batteries on a molecular level, the sensors provide a battery control that up till today hasn’t been possible to obtain.

Within air quality the technology enables personal sensors, sensors at home and in vehicles and tight grids of sensors in public environment, for example one sensor on every streetlight instead of, like today, a handful in an entire city. With increasing urbanization and worsening problems with pollution of city air, the demand for cost effective air quality sensors has increased both from authorities and for personal use.

Insplorion’s research instruments address scientists within the academia as well as the industry around the world and provide nanometer sensitive real-time data of surface- and interface processes. The instruments provide a deeper understanding within nanomaterials, nanoparticles, porous materials, thin films and coatings for different application fields such as catalysis, material- and life science.

Increased automation and smart systems are global trends in society at large, where new demand of small, stable and sensitive sensors continually arises. With Insplorion’s technology applied in their research instruments, they can maintain in the frontline of science, able to identify and technologically verify new applications and then use them to match market demands.
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