2050 Consulting AB

Sustainability consultancy that help clients towards sustainability and increased profitability

2050 is a sustainability consultancy with a solid vision: Good business on a planet in balance. Equipped with profound expertise, they help our clients towards sustainability and increased profitability. 2050 ensures they know how to create business opportunities; how to show management the opportunities stemming from the green economy; how networks are created and managed; how environmental footprints are calculated; how emissions targets are formulated and met; how carbon offsets are best designed and how issues are effectively communicated. They are convinced that the best choice for the environment is also the best choice for business.

2050 work in the intersection of policy, research and business. Their most important compass is the Sustainable Development Goals, and they integrate these in all their assignments through analysis, business development and communication.

2050 was founded in 2013. Today the company has 23 employees and offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Linköping.

Hire 2050 for: climate calculations, sustainability reporting, sustainable business plans, TCFD risk assessment, communication support, seminars, workshops, talks and lectures.
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