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We are at the forefront of green innovation in transport. Concepts born in Gothenburg, like ”green vehicles”, ”City diesel”, low-emission zones, procurement with environmental criteria, environmentally friendly waste transportation, green carpools and travel policies are now widespread.

Gothenburg is one of very few cities to introduce congestion charges and low-emission zones for heavy vehicles. Also, the bulk of Sweden’s biofuel is produced here: biodiesel and biogas. Scandinavia’s largest port is also the cleanest in the world. Pioneering solutions for electrically connection of ships, freight train shuttles, recycling of petrol fumes and advanced cleaning of oleaginous drains are now adopted by to other major ports internationally


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Following several successful years of electric buses on route 55 in Gothenburg, Electricity has expanded with two electric buses operating on route 16. At the same time, work is continuing to strengthen Gothenburg's position as a leader in electric mobili