Opening of Lidköping Biogas

Opening of Lidköping Biogas

Lidköping Biogas, a biogas plant which is the first in Sweden and one of the first in the world to produce liquefied biogas, was inaugurated on October 19.

The facility is the result of collaboration between Göteborg Energi, the Municipality of Lidköping and Swedish Biogas International. It is a good example of how cooperation can create improved technical solutions for sustainable development, especially when it comes to heavy transportation.

At the opening of the plant Kia Andreasson, chairman of the board of Göteborg Energi, stated that Lidköping Biogas is part of the climate transition:

“What we have done here in Lidköping will make ripples. First movers create interest and inspiration for others,” she said.

Both Kjell Hedvall, Mayor of Lidköping, and Peter Undén, CEO of Swedish Biogas International, emphasized the importance of collaboration between public and private actors.

“Lidköping Biogas is the result of close collaboration between the private and municipal sectors. We share a common belief that it will work,” Peter Undén commented.

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