Volvo tests hybrid buses in an EU project with Business Region Göteborg

Volvo tests hybrid buses in an EU project with Business Region Göteborg

Volvo Buses claims to be world leader when it comes to buses that can make the world’s city centers cleaner and quieter. An important part of this effort is the plug-in hybrid buses that Volvo will be testing in an EU project that is led by Business Region Göteborg, and where Göteborg Energi, Göteborg’s Traffic & Public Transport Authority, and Västtrafik participates.

An article in Göteborg-Posten on October 17 tells that Volvo Buses until now has delivered approximately 800 hybrid buses since production started in 2010. This number is not very impressive as the company produces some 22 000 buses each year.

But Edward Jobson, Environmental Manager at Volvo Buses, points out that hybrid buses is the fastest growing sales area at the moment. He also states that a hybrid bus, which for example makes use of the energy generated as the bus brakes, saves more than 35 per cent of the diesel consumption of an ordinary bus.

This spring Volvo Buses will also start testing a plug-in hybrid bus in traffic in Göteborg. This will be even more economical with the diesel oil. In addition to the ordinary hybrid technology, this bus can be charged with electricity at charging stations along the route.

“The field test will aim at proving that we can run this bus and save 60 per cent of the energy consumption,” Edward Jobson tells Göteborgs-Posten.

According to the newspaper this will mean a 75 per cent reduction of the diesel consumption.

The test of the plug-in hybrid buses is part of a project which is called Hyper Bus and is aimed at testing buses and rapid charging stations in regular traffic in the city center. The project has been granted 14 MSEK in EU-funding through the Life+ programme.

The project is managed by Affärsdriven Miljöutveckling (bör bytas mot engelskt namn) at Business Region Göteborg.

Edward Jobson, Environmental Manager at Volvo Buses, comments to Göteborgs-Posten that an increasing number of cities are adopting harder environmental rules, just to get rid of the diesel traffic. However, he thinks that it may be the issue of noise that will really push the development, as a hybrid bus generates a lot less noise than a diesel powered bus.

(Source: Göteborgs-Posten October 17, 2012)