Public housing companies saves energy

Public housing companies saves energy

The public housing companies in Sweden have launched a campaign to stimulate energy saving among its tenants, and interest is growing fast. In little over a month 94 out of approximately 300 municipality owned public housing companies in the country have joined the campaign. Among these are companies in Gothenburg, Mölndal, Stenungsund, and Alingsås.

The idea behind the campaign is that housing companies and tenants work together to reduce energy use in the housing areas. The basis of the campaign is simple and concrete every day tips that anyone can follow to save energy. The message is that you can save energy without having to change your whole lifestyle.

On the website (in Swedish), there is information about energy saving and a number of practical advice on how to save energy in your home. There is also a computer game on the same subject. The game is mainly intended for children, but works for grown-ups as well.

Among the companies participating in the campaign are the public housing companies in Gothenburg that manages some 70 000 dwellings. Another participant is Mölndalsbostäder, in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg.

“The better we engage our tenants and do this together, the better we will succeed in reducing energy consumption and any savings that we achieve will of course benefit both the tenants and the company. The campaign will give us a boost in this work,” comments Dennis Bucht, CEO of Mölndalsbostäder.