Prestigious climate award to Heliospectra in Gothenburg

Prestigious climate award to Heliospectra in Gothenburg

Gothenburg-based company, Heliospectra, has been presented with the "WWF Climate Solver 2012" award by the World Wide Fund for Nature, for its unique lighting technology that reduces greenhouse energy consumption by half and makes plant production more efficient.

“Heliospectra's technology has tremendous potential to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. Considering the climate challenges facing us, this type of innovation ought to attract considerable interest from investors,” says Magnus Emfel, spokesman for the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Heliospectra, which was founded in 2006, currently employs ten persons and develops intelligent lighting technology for greenhouses and research purposes. The company’s products are based on its research and knowledge of plant physiology and photosynthesis and on innovative ways of using LED technology.

The technology saves significant amounts of energy by providing each type of fruit or vegetable plant with the exact amount of light it needs. This is possible as Heliospectra’s lighting system uses LEDs of different colours, as well as sensors that register the plants response to the light. By adapting the light to each species of plant, greenhouse growers can produce crops that taste and look better and have a longer shelf life. This means improved quality and less waste.

“All plants have different colour requirements – blue, green, orange and red – and our system provides exactly the right amount and composition of light that is optimal for the growth of each species. It is a major step forward from today's greenhouse lighting, which emits the same light to all plants and uses unnecessary amounts of energy,” says Staffan Hillberg, CEO of Heliospectra.

According to the World Wide Fund calculations, this technology has the potential to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide on global level by 21 million tons each year from 2022, if 20 percent of greenhouses with supplemental lighting were to invest in this type of LED lighting technology.