Renova - Global forefront waste technology for heat and power

Renova combust waste to create energy in the world class plant in waste-fuelled CHP (Combined Heat & Power).

The Renova plant is in the global forefront of getting the most energy out of each tonne of waste. The aim for Renova is to reduce the amount of household waste by 30 percent per person by 2030 compared with 2010. The plant provides roughly 30% of the energy for Gothenburg’s district heating and 5% of its electricity.

Renova is owned by 10 municipalities. The waste plan is common to the nearest municipalities and extends over more than one term of office. Renova invests in sustainable transport by using waste trucks which run on methane-diesel, liquid biogas and repaseed-based diesel.

Facts of Renova

* About 550 000 tonnes waste is burned per year
* Some 35 tonnes of food are disposed at the Marieholm pre-treatment plant
* Each year Renova sorts about 40 million batteries of which there are 15 000 different types

During a study tour the visitors will be able to

* ask questions to experts in waste management
* see the plant from within during ongoing production.
* see the big bunker where 550 000 tons of waste ends up annually.
* know about how Renova take care of food waste
* see the Renova special battery sorting

Key learning points

* You will learn about waste management in the Göteborg region
* You will get an overview of Renova as a world-class waste to energy power plant
* You will know more of the Renova fleet of complete non fossile waste trucks
* You will get an understanding of why Renova is in the global forefront of getting the most energy out of each tonne of waste

Positive effects on the environment and economy

* Renova works towards a reduced and sustainable consumtion of goods.
* The work will make it easier to rese and recycle goods and materials
* Renova promote reseach and development in the areas of waste prevention and recyckling

Length of the study visit

1,5-2 hours


* Presentation of Renova and waste management
* Guided tour in the plant
* Other customized program items
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Circular Economy
Waste Management
Climate, Energy & Environment
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